2/2/2019: Pitts-burrrrgh Drowned Hogs take an ice-cold swim to benefit Emmaus!


On February 2nd, 2019, the Pitts-burrrgh Drowned Hogs will be jumping in the Mon to benefit the Emmaus Community!


SWIMMERS- Sign up to register online by clicking this link.

When you follow this link, click the button “START FUNDRAISING”, that will allow you to customize your own fundraising page with a photo and and message to urge those you know to support you for doing a wacky thing and support a great charity. You will be emailed your own personal link to send by email to everyone you know! You can keep tabs on your donations and send thank you messages right from your site!

If you use paper pledge sheets to collect cash or checks, bring them with you on the day of the plunge. Collect your pledges and check the column PAID on the right when collected. You will have time after the swim to catch up to any stragglers.

SUPPORTERS- Support a specific swimmer by clicking this link.

When you follow that link scroll down until you see TOP FUNDRAISERS column on the right. Click on the swimmer’s name and give as much as you can to help them move to the top! Also you can make a general donation by simply clicking the DONATE button in the top section.

FACEBOOK- Just go to https://www.facebook.com/Pittsburrrrgh/. Once there, just click the DONATE box, that will take you to the DONATE and VIEW EVENT as mentioned above! Just find a swimmer to donate to or do a Cool Thing and sign up to plunge and become an online fundraiser as well!

We will need volunteers to show up and hold swimmers towels and dry clothes and help the registration staff. Of course you will want to cheer on the “athletes”!

Info or questions, e-mail:
Al “Head Hog” Bollinger