Emmaus Staff Members

Main Office Phone Number: (412) 381-0277

Karen Jacobsen
Executive Director
Ext. 204
Keiona Allen
Residential Advisor
Ext. 278
Anthony Bradley
Residential Advisor/Program Specialist
Ext. 269
Tammy Bradford
Residential Advisor
Ext. 277
Kristy Buczynski
Residential Program Manager
Ext. 223
Ruth Casey
Human Resources Assistant Manager
Ext. 203
Jovan Harris
Residential Advisor
Ext. 271
Sara Harris
Residential Advisor
Ext. 270
Tahnee Lewis
Residential Advisor
Ext. 277
Tiffany Merriman-Preston
Director of Development
Ext. 208
Angela Monk
Residential Advisor/Medication Compliance Coordinator
Ext. 272
Jennifer Pavlisko
Director of Human Resources
Ext. 210
Margaret Pollock
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 209
Dianna Prystash
Director of Client Financial Services
Ext. 222
Kelly Stillwell
Kelly Stillwell
Director of IDD Services
Ext. 213
MiRan Surh
Director of Community Relations
Ext. 201
Dave Treece
Compliance Officer
Ext. 206