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The Emmaus mission calls us to share our lives with one another. Every time we welcome a new resident at Emmaus, we commit to providing the highest quality of care to that person for the rest of his or her life. That means sharing meals, working together, holding celebrations, facing our challenges, and building friendships. We value the unique gifts that each of our residents brings to this Community.

1.1 Debbie

Meet Debbie.

Meet Debbie. Debbie was our very first resident. Emmaus welcomed Debbie in 1994 after her Pap Pap became ill and could no longer care for her. By the time he passed away in 1998 Debbie had established a life with Emmaus complete with new friendships, an active social life and the opportunity and support to […]

1.2 Patty

Meet Patty.

Meet Patty. Patty was our oldest resident and joined our Community in 1995. Patty was born long before the Community Living (group home) movement was started and thus spent many years living in a State run institution. Prior to coming to Emmaus, Patty had moved home to be with and help care for her mother. […]

1.3 Matt

Meet Matt.

Meet Matt. Matt’s parents knew about Emmaus even before the first Emmaus home was opened. They recognized the need for a long term plan for Matt when the day came that they could no longer care for him. Fast forward twenty years and their dream came true! Having raised a large and loving family, it […]

1.4 Gina

Meet Gina.

Meet Gina. Gina comes from a large and loving family with lots of siblings and even more nieces and nephews. She lives in a beautiful Emmaus home with two housemates, and works in a vocational training program five days a week. Gina loves listening to music and doing arts and crafts. When attending dances, Gina is […]

1.5 Camille and Frank

Meet Camille & Frank.

Meet Camille & Frank. A mother’s dying wish was granted when it became possible at Emmaus for this brother and sister to live together and have a good quality of life together after she was gone. Frank & Camille are fortunate to have a sister nearby who they often spend holidays with and visit regularly. […]