What does “Emmaus” mean?

Emmaus Altar Servers

The Emmaus name hails from a Biblical story which reflects the Emmaus philosophy of sharing our lives with people with intellectual disabilities.

In the Gospel of Luke, there is a story about two disciples who are walking the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus and are joined by Jesus, but don’t recognize him. When they arrive at Emmaus, they invite the stranger to join them for a meal. He does, and when Jesus “breaks the bread” and blesses the meal, the disciples “eyes are opened,” and they recognize him.

At Emmaus, we believe that only when we truly share our lives with others (whether literally breaking bread over a shared meal or sharing the many joys and sorrows of everyday life) do we see people as they really are. When people with and without disabilities come together in Community, they’re able to see and value the unique gifts of each person, regardless of ability. This togetherness and focus on Community is the cornerstone of life at Emmaus.