Young Professional Advisory Board

The Emmaus Young Professional Advisory Board is a group of local young professionals (ages 22-40) in the Pittsburgh region who are dedicated to sharing time, skills, and resources to support the mission of the Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh.

The Young Professional Advisory Board seeks to collaborate with the Emmaus residents, staff, and Board of Directors in the following activities, in order to create shared value amongst members and the community:

  • generating public awareness
  • organizing special events and fundraisers
  • lending skills, knowledge, and talent
  • creating volunteer opportunities with Emmaus
  • widening the network of local young professionals who support Emmaus residentsAre you interested in joining the Emmaus Young Professional Advisory Board? You may download an application form or fill out an application online below. Informational flyers may be downloaded here.  Feel free to post one in your workplace!







Questions? Contact Kelsey at 412-381-0277.

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