Mission & Goals

Emmaus Mission and Goals

The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh is dedicated to providing residential homes for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and promoting public awareness of their needs.

The Community, inspired by Faith and a desire to help others, seeks to improve the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. In living, working, and breaking bread together, people with and without disabilities enjoy fellowship by sharing who they are and what they have with one another. Strengthened by its spirituality and prayerful direction, the Community helps all members grow and become whole.

To accomplish its mission, Emmaus works toward the following goals:

  • To maintain the highest quality of care in residential homes that fosters acceptance by the community;
  • To create an environment where everyone can use his or her abilities to live to their fullest potential;
  • To educate the community about the needs of persons with developmental disabilities and advocate for a productive response to those needs;
  • To provide short-term respite opportunities for families and individuals; and
  • To reduce the number of persons who are on the emergency waiting list in Allegheny County.