In-Home & Community Supports Offered by The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh

Assistance with daily living activities in your home, including grooming, health care, household care, and so much more.

In-Home & Community Supports are provided in the individual’s home or community and provide an opportunity for individuals to experience greater independence and build new skills.

Emmaus’ competent and caring staff assist individuals in acquiring, maintaining and improving self-help, domestic, socialization, and adaptive skills.

Have questions about our Companion Services?

Please contact our In-Home Services Program Manager, Casey Madden at 412-381-0277. Or…

Casey Madden - In-Home Services Program Manager
image of people with disabilities living quality lives

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Services consist of support in the general areas of self-care, communication, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, therapeutic activities, personal adjustment, relationship development, socialization, and use of community resources. Home and Community Supports is scheduled in 15-minute units, and is provided at a one to one staff / individual ratio.

The Emmaus mission calls us to share our lives with one another.

Every time we welcome a new resident at Emmaus, we commit to providing the highest quality of care to that person for the rest of his or her life. That means sharing meals, working together, holding celebrations, facing our challenges, and building friendships. We value the unique gifts that each of our residents brings to this Community.

Picture of Emmaus Consumer Gina and Helper

Meet Gina.

She lives in a beautiful Emmaus home with two housemates, and works in a vocational training program five days a week.

Picture of Emmaus Consumer Patty

Meet Patty.

When her mother moved into a nursing home, Patty found a new and permanent home here with Emmaus.

Picture of Emmaus Consumer Matt

Meet Matt.

Matt’s parents recognized the need for a long term plan for Matt when the day came that they could no longer care for him.

Picture of Emmaus Consumers Frank and Camille

Meet Camille & Frank.

After their mother passed, this brother and sister found a good quality of life together at Emmaus.

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